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Full-service beverage catering services

Too many hosts and hostesses comb through every detail of their event's food menu and completely neglect the beverages. This is the fastest way to create a forgettable party. The truth is that your guests will forgive bad food before they forgive a lackluster bar.

Make sure your guests have a great time at your event by hiring J bar K Cocktail Catering. We work with local breweries and distilleries in the Western and Central Montana area to deliver high-quality beers and spirits to your event.

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Host a delightful wedding reception with a mobile bar

The most important elements of your wedding reception are the toasts, the dances and-of course-the bar. Celebrate your special occasion by reserving J bar K Cocktail Catering's mobile bar.

Unlike standard catering services, we offer:

  • A large cocktail selection
  • Champagne toasts
  • High-end beer, wine and spirits
With good music and a great bar, you and your guests will dance the night away.

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How to plan a first-rate celebration

You're planning a classy event, but none of the caterers you call have a decent alcohol selection. It's a common problem, and JbarK Cocktail Catering of Missoula, MT is the solution. You can customize your drinks menu with our:

  • Basic and premium beverage catering packages
  • Specialty drinks, including champagne toasts
  • Varied cocktail, beer, wine and spirits menus
Our beverage catering specialist brings years of bar tending and customer service experience to every event.

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Make your wedding unique with J bar K Cocktail Catering

You'll Remember Your Wedding Toast Forever